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get to know me:  [1/?] favourite relationships

Jane Hayes and Henry Nobley // Austenland
"Jane, you are my fantasy."

1/10 male characters: Mr. Henry Nobley, Austenland (2013)

"Society demands that we engage in social intercourse in order to seem courteous, yet in most cases such actions are ultimately vulgar.

'Hot In Here' - Cast of Austenland

Iiii kind of want to get coloured hair. Maybe over Christmas?

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Try more stuff that makes you happy


Perhaps it will be wisest in you to check your feelings while you can: at any rate do not let them carry you far, unless you are persuaded of his liking you. Be observant of him. Let his behaviour be the guide of your sensations. I give you this caution now, because I shall never speak to you again on the subject. I am determined against all interference. Henceforward I know nothing of the matter. Let no name ever pass our lips. We were very wrong before; we will be cautious now. He is your superior, no doubt, and there do seem objections and obstacles of a very serious nature; but yet, Harriet, more wonderful things have taken place, there have been matches of greater disparity. But take care of yourself. I would not have you too sanguine; though, however it may end, be assured that your raising your thoughts to him, is a mark of good taste which I shall always know how to value.










still one of the best things ive ever seen.

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m a n g ERI NE


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isn’t bombegranite cucumber an actor

I knew that was coming

Can I buy these

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